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10am - 4pm

10 Burrett Ave, Penrose, Auckland

CLOSED Monday 27th of January for public holiday

We’re very excited to invite you to our showroom in Auckland.

Come by, have a wander and say hi – we’d love to see you there!

Table tennis

Bring your kids to try out the Air Hockey table and Table-Tennis Table


Have a lie on our Memory Foam Mattresses


Bring your dogs to try out our Dog Beds


Eye up the majesty of our 45 Bottle Wine Fridge


See the inflated Lay Z Spa and debate how many of your friends would fit in at once


Feel the quality of our Stonewashed Linen Duvet Covers and see the colours in real life


Sit on the velvet sofas, fondle the fabric and look at all 67 colour swatches available!

Why do we have a showroom?

We know how hard it is to buy some things sight-unseen. So now you can come and see, touch, sniff, sit on and test out a range of our favourite products and best-sellers.

Wait, You Only Have Best Sellers and Favourites on Display?

That’s right. We don’t have everything available but we are adding new things all the time. Check the wording in a particular deal to see whether it is on display.

Please be aware that if our eg. Kensington Velvet Sofa is on display, there will usually only be one size and one colour on show. You’ll have to use your imagination for other variants.

Click on the “Sample in Showroom” category button in each of our three tabs: Pre-Order, Get It Now and Returning Soon tabs is the quickest way to see what’s there.

Why Are Some Things NOT in the Showroom?

Large items that we have never run before are still offered on our website for Pre-Order as usual, and we don’t have advance samples of these.

That’s because we’d have to wait 3 months for a sample to arrive which would mean that something you want to get in time for summer wouldn’t arrive until winter. And, because of our business model, we don’t want to buy a sample of something and ship it down to NZ only to find out that nobody wants it!

As you know, if we don’t get enough pre-orders the deal fails and we don’t proceed with the purchase at all – so this product will never ship down to New Zealand.

That’s is how we can keep our margins small and pass the savings on to you!