We are an online group buying community connecting people to factories from around the world.

We believe that too many unnecessary and expensive middlemen, agents and retailers are involved in the process of making and delivering your purchased products.

Thanks to our platform and community of engaged buyers, we are able to source and offer you a variety of awesome products directly from the source and delivered right to your doorstep in New Zealand. Additionally, group buying gives us the power to negotiate these incredible deals on your behalf.

All you need to do is to tell your friends and family in order to fill up that container! The more people join a container, the cheaper the prices.

It’s economics 101.

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In case you’re wondering:

Dollars Saved is calculated by taking the difference between Our Price and the Elsewhere Price for the same item, multiplied by the number of items we've sold.

When we genuinely cannot find a similar product for an accurate price comparison we rely on the Recommended Retail Price, as provided by the manufacturer, for our Elsewhere Price.

Our Elsewhere Price is based on similar items sold elsewhere that are of comparable quality and specification including materials and manufacturing process used.

We always encourage you to do your own comparison shopping to make sure you're happy with the purchase price. Please feel free to ask us any questions about our products or elsewhere prices as we are keen to help!