What is Container Door?

We are a group buying online community connecting people to factories from around the world.

How do we source and choose our products?

Our team of passionate buyers travels the world to find awesome products. We ship the samples back to New Zealand and test them thoroughly. Only when we’re totally satisfied with the quality of our products do we offer them to you.

Our products are made to order, so it can take a little longer to arrive. Our prices are unbeatable hence the wait is worthwhile.

How do I track my order?

Here. At every step of the process (Manufacturing, On the Water, Arriving at port, etc.), you will receive an email update.

How are freight prices calculated?

Freight is calculated by our freight forwarders for each individual item according to its’ weight and volume which is why we cannot offer combined shipping on multiple purchases.

When do I get charged?

Your credit card only gets charged once the container is full at the end of each deal (unless the container fills before hand). If the container does not fill then your credit card will not be charged.

What if my credit card payment fails?

We will get in touch with you ASAP to re-submit your credit card details.

Does my product come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a full one year warranty for faulty items offering replacement, repair or your money back. You are also covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act of New Zealand.

I missed out on a deal. What do I do?

We re-run deals all the time, so we suggest you sign up for our email updates on the website to not miss out the next time your favourite product is back up for sale!

How do I calculate delivery cost?

You are able to calculate delivery cost by placing an item in the cart and going through the checkout. Here you can enter your preferred address and get a total cost including delivery.