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Aug 29 2017

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Product Description

They say a tidy house means a tidy mind, well the same can now be said for your tool kit too!! Check out our rather swanky tool organiser- you'll never misplace that elusive wrench again!!!

With a sturdy metal handle and a load capacity of 30 kilos you can store away all your tools in an orderly fashion and keep them that way no matter where you go.

On the building site, in the van or at home in the tool shed, this little ripper is the perfect addition to your arsenal of DIY accessories! 


  • Steel Handle Tool Organizer 
  • Size:43×22×30cm
  • Loading capacity: 30kgs

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Minimum Threshold Promise

We know it’s disappointing when a deal does not make it to a full container load so if there’s any way we can combine several orders into one container to make the deal happen, rest assured, we will do it!

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