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Outdoor patio heater 2303 web1

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Outdoor patio heater 2303 web3 Outdoor patio heater 2303 web2 Outdoor patio heater 2303 web1

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Make your alfresco space warm and cosy while adding the convivial glow of flames with our pyramid-style patio heater. 

The gas-powered flame is contained safely in a central glass tube, providing all of the gorgeous hypnotic flickering with less of the fire hazard.

It runs off an ordinary LPG tank, sold at most petrol stations - super convenient.

This unit should suit an outdoor area of approx 300-400 square feet. (46 -55m2 approx). Obviously performance will vary depending on how sheltered the space is and how cold it is in your neck of the woods. Use your own judgement, and remember that where you place the heater will also have an effect.

So don't let New Zealand's, ahem, "variable" weather cramp your outdoor lifestyle. Spend more time in your own backyard - in cosy comfort and style.


Overall Size: 54cm  x 54cm x 2.27m
Stainless Steel Flame Screen: 18.2 x 18.2 x 13.4 (H) cm
Glass Tube size: 100 x 125.4cm x 3mm
Aluminium Reflector: 46 x 46cm
Safety 'tip-over' switch (when accidentally knocked over)        
Adjustable Flame Heights
Heat resistant glass tube
Steel mesh guard with powder coated silver paint. 
Battery ignitor for quick lighting 
Material: painted steel
Stainless steel flame screen
Net weight: 28kg
Heat output: 10.5 kw/hr
Valve: High output to low output, with pilot
Gas Inlet/Connector: 8mm
Flux: 945g/hr
Includes wheels, gas hose & gas regulator 
Certified gas appliance for Australia and NZ 


This unit is for outdoor use only. It is shower-proof but we don't recommend leaving it exposed to the elements for long periods of time. For best results, store it in a sheltered position when not in use, or protect it with a cover.

Please take all of the usual safety precautions when using gas. Always turn off the gas bottle when not in use.

Pro-Tip: Take care when moving the assembled unit as the inner glass tube may break if it's mishandled.

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