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Product Description

Why didn't we think of this?

This lightweight fold-up Alloy Kayak Trolley is ideal for carrying your sit-on-top kayak and fits all our models. It adjusts to suit a range of sit-on kayaks, and because it connects through the drainage holes, it requires no straps.

You simply turn the kayak on its side, insert the prongs into the scuppers and then flip the kayak over ready for transporting.

The pneumatic wheels allow you to pull your kayak over all kinds of surfaces. When you get to the water simply fold it up, remove the wheels and pop it into your hatch.

  • Heavy Duty Colapsable frame
  • Lightweight
  • Fits all our Kayaks
  • Marine grade aluminium
  • Soft Rubber bumpers to protect craft
  • Detachable all terrain wheels with Pneumatic tyres for grip and suspension
  • Kick stand for easy loading

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