Kamado Split Level Cooker #15

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The Kamado Split Level Cooker grill gives your beloved ceramic bbq even more versatility by allowing you to vary and control heat and create dual-temp cooking zones...one nearer to the coals and the other further away. Prepare to get a whole lot more creative over the coals.

Whether it's low and slow smoking, baking, roasting, gentle grilling of veggies or sides, or searing high-heat excitement, these racks make it easier to get the results you want from your 24" kamado. 

The base frame sits within the kamado itself, then you position your two half-moon racks and half-moon heat-deflectors on the rack to suit. This clever set-up not only increases your actual cooking area, it gives you almost endless options for heat. Add the two half-moon racks at the same - or different - heights, and using one or both of the deflector plates for indirect heat - or not!  

Another great feature is the ability to remove the entire unit either during your cook (to add extra fuel/ wood-chips) or right at the end to let it stand by itself once you're done... grub's up guys!

Set Includes:

  • 1 x rack base
  • 2 x half moon grill plates
  • 2 x half moon heat deflector plates


  • 55cm diameter (fits our 24" Kamado)
  • Height between grills when split: 15.5cm

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