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Oct 28 2017


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People accuse you of swanning around? Now you can have the last laugh floating around on Millicent The Magnificent. (Well, that's what we call her at the office. Feel free to re-christen her.) Or maybe the kids would like to play a little game we like to call 'Swan War'. After all, they're quite vicious creatures really. Swans, not kids.... although maybe approach BOTH with caution ;-)

Seriously though, water safety is so important, especially for kids. A drowning child can be hard to spot, as they often don't make any noise, don't thrash around and don't wave out for help. Be vigilant!  For more tips around water safety for Under 5s please visit http://www.watersafety.org.nz/resources-and-safety-tips/safety-info-tips/under-fives/

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