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Product Description

What could be cooler or more practical than these concrete cube stools?! Made from a clever blend of fibre glass and concrete for a lightweight yet industrial looking product, the cubes work a treat in any outdoor setting, garden or terrace!

A great stool, side table or dinky little coffee table, the cubes are not to be mistaken for simply an outdoor furniture piece and can also be styled indoors and offset against your other concrete homeware items! The neutral textured cement colour settles in with practically all interior colour schemes while also blending in seamlessly with any garden or terrace setting for a slick modern look.


  • Made from lightweight, glass fibre reinforced concrete 
  • Looks and feels like concrete but without the added weight
  • Composite material and painted surfaces are water, stain and UV resistant, and product is therefore suitable for outdoor use
  • Non structural hairline cracks are possible and are considered an inherent part of the product, not a manufacturing defect. Hairline cracks do not threaten the integrity or stability of the slab nor prevent the continued and normal use of the product
  • Dimensions - 35cm L x 35cm W x 47cm H
  • Net Weight - 13kg

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