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Product Description

Transform dull, boring outdoor spaces into lush and inviting environments that will beautify and enhance your property without the time-consuming hassle of mowing, watering and feeding. This 12-pack of tiles simply clicks together and they are pre-drilled so you can secure them invisibly with plastic stakes.

Unlike some artificial turfs on the market, ours will always stay the perfect, natural looking length and are short enough to look groomed without being too short and uniform so they don’t appear obvious or fake. After all we don’t want your new lawn looking like a tennis court!!

These high-tech garden tiles have been designed to mimic the natural hues and tones of living grass which is never just one shade of green. The tiles incorporate tiny, barely visible flecks of brown and tan woven through them to create a sense of depth and authenticity.

The interlocking design allows you to easily click the tiles together to fit the specific space you need to cover and can be cut with ease to accommodate corners, curves and awkwardly shaped areas. Our turf can be laid over hard surfaces such as asphalt or decking but also will also easily cover gravel, chip and dirt for an instant, eye-catching result.

One of the best features is the next to zero maintenance that comes with our turf. Gone of the days of watering so there’s no need for pricey irrigation, simply hose them down from time to time or let the rain do its thing and wash them for you!


Life-like Artificial Grass Tiles 
Quick and easy click-in-place installation. No adhesives required.
Tiles can be cut to size
12 tiles per pack
A full pack covers an area of 1.08m²
Grass length: 35mm
Tile Size: L 30 x W 30 x H 4.5cm
Composition: PE base, PP / PE Grass
Assembly Required

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