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Dec 22 2017

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Product Description

The name really says it all, this thing is EXTREME! If you love fishing and you love kayaking then this bad beast is the next toy for you! Chock full of all kinds of features you'll be reeling them in within no time from your very own fisheries battleship!

Truly a lean, mean fishing machine the kayak has purpose built space for not one but TWO tackle boxes as well as front and middle dry storage, two accessory rails, foot controlled rudder and two in-built rod holders - this thing is an absolute destroyer!! Paddle included too!

At 3.93 meters and with a max weight capacity of 225kg it'll handle the burliest of fisherman/woman and with a luxury, dual position aluminium comfort seat you won't mind spending the whole day dropping lines at sea or out on the lake - you'll have enough fish to feed the whole family AND your neighbours!


  • 3.93 m L 
  • 35 cm D 
  • 84.5 cm W
  • Weight: 39 kg 
  • Max Load: 225kg  
  • Plastic is 4-5MM thick

Comes with

  • Paddle
  • 4 rubber carry handles
  • Dry storage front hatch
  • Rudder system with foot controls
  • Dry storage middle hatch
  • 2 accessory attachment rails in cockpit
  • 8 scupper plugs
  • Dual position deluxe aluminum seat
  • 2 built in rod holders
  • 8'' circle hatch with cover (diameter 200mm)
  • Rear open storage with bungee
  • 2 tackle-box spaces
  • 2 side bungee paddle holders

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