What we do...

Container Door helps Kiwis buy the same nice things they see in the shops or online but at a reduced price.

While we have built our business on importing desirable items from China, India and Vietnam (yeah, I know boo hiss) we want to use our model to support Kiwi-made.

Now we want to bring YOUR New Zealand made goods to Kiwi customers.

Maybe you make wool products, hot water cylinders, tools for tradies, DIY supplies, food-stuffs, personal care products, outdoor and life-style products, portable sheds, sheepskins & hides, honey... the list is endless.

We can sell your product at a great price without squeezing your margins.

You Set Your Price

You quote us your wholesale price.

We Pay Upfront

We will meet your MOQs and pay 30% deposit on purchase order, 70% on day of delivery. Yep, you don't deliver to us until we've paid you in full. That means no bad debts, no 30 - 60 or 90 day terms - GREAT for your cashflow.

It's All Anonymous

To protect your anonymity, we can rebrand your product or make it one of our house brands. And we will never disclose your identity.

We're Going Global

One day, we also hope to export NZ products to consumers all around the world.

Interested? Get in touch now!

Kiwimade ben

Your email will come directly to me, Ben Nathan, owner and founder of Container Door. I'm honest and I'm fair. I've built this business on trust.

Just tell me a sentence or two about your business and your products - no need to tie yourself in knots - and we'll take it from there. In the strictest of confidence, of course.

By the way, you're not alone.
So far we are in discussions with...

  • A steel brazier manufacturer
  • A bed manufacturer
  • A garden supply company
  • A Kombucha maker
  • A body wash manufacturer
  • A craft brewer*
  • And two vineyards*

*yes we have a liquor licence!

How the hell can we undercut e-tailer and retailers?

Traditional retailers and e-tailers buy items from wholesalers and sometimes direct from factories.
They put on a 100 - 150% mark up to pay for their leases, staff, cost of finance, cost of carrying stock etc.

Although Container Door sources the same item (often from the same factory) we don't buy any stock at first.

We simply list a potential deal for two weeks with photos, and details like our price, the elsewhere price, technical specs and estimated delivery date. If enough customers order to meet the minimum order quantity, the deal goes ahead and we charge the customer's credit card.

The customer is happy to wait until the factory has produced and shipped their item because they're so stoked with the savings.

At the end of our process, a manufacturer has just sold a bargin to a NZ consumer while preserving their margins and all without having to deal with anyone except Container Door

C'mon New Zealand - let's roll our sleeves up and get on with it!