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Product Description

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Just set and forget! Get the authentic taste of low and slow smoky BBQ with the convenience of automatic temperature control - it's the best of both worlds. No more stoking coals for 6-8 hours to maintain the smoking temperature you need. The pellets automatically feed in from the hopper whenever the temp falls below your desired setting. Just set it going in the morning and return in the evening for the most flavourful all-day low'n'slow ribs you've ever tasted.

 Plus, we've upgraded!

The  Z-Grills 700D4E  is awesome and has new upgraded features compared to our older model. Features include a Large PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) LCD control board that has two probes so you can work out the exact temperature of two types of meat at the same time without even having to lift the lid, this helps to ensure a precise temperature is given and is at the maximum consistency .

What is automatic temperature control? Z-grills smokers have a hopper off to the side, that holds the supply of high-heat and  high-efficiency wood pellets. A built-in digital thermostat monitors the temperature inside the cooking chamber and automatically adds more pellets when the temperature starts to drop. Yep, that means no more guesswork and no more waking up every hour during the night to ensure your charcoal is still doing what it is supposed to do.

The pellets are ignited with electricity so make sure you have access to a safe outdoor power supply. Made from compressed sawdust that has been subjected to high pressure, the pellets burn clean and leave bugger-all ash to clean up. And because pellet grills get up to temperature nice and fast you'll be cooking almost immediately.  This later model now features a hopper clean out so it's easy to swap out pellets to suit your flavour needs. 

While you can grill and smoke food, you can also roast, braise and even bake. The possibilities are endless so best get cracking we say!

NB you will want to get pellets specifically for cooking food, not for fuelling a heater! We like Lumber Jack mesquite. And don't be deterred by what seems like an expensive pellet purchase, a 5-7 hour cook only uses approx. half a hopper of pellets - very economical. 

Z-Grills Wood Pellet Features:

It's not obvious but ours has a really solid, sturdy lid for better heat and smoke retention - there are some flimsy ones out there
Meat Probes Included - no more overcooking 
Hopper Clean-Out: Cleaning the hopper and swapping pellet flavours are easy with the hopper clean-out feature (just twist and release)
Easy to use Large LCD temperature control board
NZ plug, heat gauge in Celsius
Fan-forced convection cooking - eliminates the need for rotisserie to achieve even cooking
Two jacks to power your probe thermometers, and a special baffled conduit into the awesome chamber of heat and smoke 
A second cooking rack up high - the extra airspace is invaluable
Baffle around the chimney.

It's those little extra touches that make all the difference!

Z-Grills cover included!


  • Model no: ZPG-700D4E
  • Main material: SPCC Steel with anti-rust coating
  • Product Dimensions: L 122 x W 56 x H 130cm
  • Total Cooking Area: 4477cm2
  • Warming Rack Cooking Area: 1225cm2
  • Hopper Capacity: 9kg
  • Height of cooking surface to lid 23cm
  • Solid frame with 2 heavy duty castors
  • Digital Temperature Controller - from 82º to 230ºC
  • Grill Grate material: Porcelain-coated steel
  • Electricity Rate: 220-230V/50Hz/250W
  • Approx Net Weight: 60kg

+ a bottle of Crystal Hot Sauce & A1 Steak Sauce



Handling temps of up to 500℃ these chunky Cowhide BBQ Grill gloves are designed to protect your hands and forearms in even the most extreme BBQ conditions. Made from 1.2mm thick shoulder cowhide and with a heat-resistant yet soft aluminium-foil lining these gloves are durable, flexible, and super comfortable.

With a 'one size fits all' design the mitts boast 7.5 inch (approx. 19cm) sleeves that serve to protect your hands and lower arms from open flames, steam, hot-coals, sharp objects, and even welding sparks so no matter how extreme you want to get, they've got you covered!


  • Materials: outside - durable cowhide leather; inside - heat-resistant aluminium-foil insulated fabric
  • Size: 40 x 16.5 x 1.5 cm (L x W x Thickness)
  • Weight: 0.363 kg
  • One size fits all
  • Raw materials and processing of these gloves meet European environmental standards


The perfect gift or starter pack for the next Ultimate NZ home BBQ-er! This 13-piece set has everything you need for the ultimate bbq, featuring stainless steel utensils/tools & even a cast iron hamburger press - SMASH BURGERS ANYONE? And at our smoking low price it's a no brainer.

Turner: 37 x 7.5cm, 1.2mm
Griddle turner: 24.5cm, 1.2mm
Flour cutter: 15 x 12.5cm, 1.0mm
Food tongs: 35.5/41.5cm, 14inch
Egg rings: 8.5 x 1.5cm
Materials: 430 stainless steel with pp handle
Hamburger press: 18x 6.5cm (7 x 2.5in),
Material:Iron cast with wooden handle
Sauce bottle: 21 x 5.2cm, 360ml
PE material


Not just a luxury, the bags are super practical too, being water resistant with a non-slip rubber base to hold them in place with safety zips as well as a water resistant removable inner lining for when you want to wash the durable polyester cover.

Dove with white piping
600D 100% polyester/ inner lining polyester
Beans not provided
290 litre capacity
Dimensions:96 x 68 x 124cm
Water resistant, UV resistant

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