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Buckle up 'cos summer's coming! Suitable for up to 2 riders our WOW Coupé Cockpit Towable Tube will make you feel like you're on the ultimate thrill seeking ride; all you gotta do is HOLD ON!

Kids go absolutely crazy for a bit of on-the-water action and what better way to do that than with one of our insane Ski-Tubes! Endless hours of fun that the whole family can get in on that'll wear them out for sure by the end of the day!

Built for speed AND comfort with a backrest and ergonomic slanted leg rest for padded riding and/or lounging while the drop speed design of the base reduces drag on the boat letting you go faster and saving on fuel!

With space enough for 2 riders the cockpit comes with double webbing foam handles and EVA foam knuckle guards which is just perfect for when your mates are holding on for dear life... YOLO!

Constructed with heavy duty PVC bladders, a zippered cover for fast inflation/deflation, heavy duty tow-system and a tough partial nylon cover that's designed to take a total thrashing over the wake and in the whips.

Give the kids or a couple of mates the ride of their life as you take them for a spin behind the boat and really open her up! 

Have fun in the water but remember - safety first! The sea can turn on you quicker than a gull filching a hot chip so always be aware of the conditions and the forecast.
For more water safety tips visit http://www.watersafety.org.nz/


  • Secure cockpit seating with backrest and ergonomic slanted leg rest for comfortable riding or lounging
  • Drop speed bottom for easy, fuel efficient towing with less drag on the boat
  • Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards
  • Heavy-duty PVC bladders, speed valve with zippered cover for fast inflation and deflation
  • Heavy-duty tow system construction featuring front tow point, heavy-duty partial nylon cover
  • Fast and balanced over the wake and in the whips
  • Comfortable and relaxing 
  • Maximum capacity: 2 riders or 340Ibs
  • EZ fuel efficient towing with less drag on the boat 
  • Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards 
  • Zippered valve covers