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BBQ-Lovers we've got the deal for you! This bundle not only gets you an infamous 22"  Weber Premium Kettle BBQ. but we've also thrown in a range of delicious frozen premium meat to get you started with the all important smoking/grilling. Brisket, Boneless Lamb legs & Swift St Louis Style Pork Spareribs... delicious! 

This  bundle includes: 
1x 22” Weber Premium Kettle BBQ - Black
1 x Frozen Premium Brisket (minimum 4.3kg)
2x Frozen Boneless Lamb Legs (minimum 1kg each)
3x Swift Brand Super Premium St Louis-Style Pork Frozen Spareribs (min 1.2kg each)

Please note: The meat in this deal will be dispatched frozen together with the Weber via a same-day (3-hour) courier service for a flat-rate delivery of $19.99. So unfortunately that means Auckland-only. Customers will receive a text 3-hours prior to delivery. So please ensure you are available on the day of dispatch to receive them as there will be no option for re-delivery. Meat will need to go straight into the freezer or consumed within 48 hours of defrosting.  Please refer to the pink area of map.  

A bit about the Weber Premium Kettle...

Since its invention in Chicago in 1958, the 22" Weber Premium Kettle BBQ has arguably become the charcoal-aficionado's grill of choice due to its reputation for practicality, quality and, we'd like to say, its sheer good looks. Features include:

Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid
Plated-steel hinged cooking grate
Heavy gauge steel charcoal grate
Built-in lid thermometer
Angled lid hook inside the grill lid, so you can hang the lid off the edge of the bbq as a wind-shield (or just to keep it handy)
Lid handle with heat shield to protect your knuckles
2 x hooks for hanging bbq tools
Removable, high-capacity aluminium ash-catcher
1-touch cleaning system of aluminised steel
Exterior bottom wire rack - triangular
 NB: This Weber does NOT include charcoal holders/baskets shown in photo.

Weber Specifications: 
Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal 22" Grill - BLACK
Dimensions (lid closed): 39.5" high, 22.5" wide, 27" deep
Diameter: 22 inches
Cooking area: 363 square inches
Durable all-weather wheels
Glass-reinforced nylon handles
Rust-resistant aluminium damper
Spring clip / push-pin leg assembly.

*** 🇺🇸 Weber BBQ parallel imported from the USA 🇺🇸 ***

Includes a Full One-Year warranty through us.

For recipes, cooking tips and all-round BBQ coolness, we encourage you to join the NZ Barbecue Pitmasters group on Facebook. They are super-knowledgeable and helpful!

*Actual meat product may vary slightly from the image shown due to variations in trimming etc. 

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