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$ 99

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Product Description

Choose your favourite stripe design then hit the water. Priced from just $99 to $129 our boards mean that ANYONE can try surfing. The soft board means wipe outs and face-plants are much more forgiving on the face and body, and the soft surface is easier on the knees too, so the only thing you'll be shredding is the waves. NZ's ultimate beginner board!

Let's fill this container! 

- XPE top
- EPS core
- HPDE Slick back
- 4 inside stringers
- Standard leash and 3 fins included

VIDEO: Click HERE to see how to attach your leash!


6'2     $99          188cm long x 52cm wide x 9cm thick, 3.6kg

7'     $109          214cm long x 53cm wide x 9cm thick, 4.5kg 

8'     $119          245cm long x 55cm wide x 9cm thick, 5.6kg 

9'     $129          275cm long x 61cm wide x 11cm thick, 7kg 

Weight recommendations: 
  • 9ft: Beginner Teenager / Adult 70+ kg
  • 8ft: Beginner Teenager / Adult 50+ kg
  • 7ft: Beginner Child up to 50 kg
  • 6ft: Beginner Child up to 30 kg


G Goodjohn - This is a great board. I brought it for my kids but I have found myself using it quite a lot on little days. Really durable too. I have recommended this board to a number of friends who have brought them and loved them too. You can't go wrong for the price. 

A Ling - Great quality surfboard delivered within the time frame promised. These are similar quality to the ones being sold in local shops for twice the price. Looking to get another one for this summer! 

M van Gelder - The soft surfboard we purchased has been awesome! We have had it coming up a year now with plenty of use and it's standing the test of time, sturdy as! Brilliant purchase and amazing value for money! 

A Cardwell - Love our Soft Surfboard. We bought it for our 8 year old just starting out surfing and it's perfect. Great Xmas present. Great Summer must have! Great quality, great colours. One very happy kid!!!

Rachel - we bought these boards last summer and they were the best investment for the whole family...we love these and have dragged them all over the beaches of the north island on our family adventures~ thanks container door you rock

G Abel - Grand Kids loved the board, myself I've been surfing since I was 7 and think its great value for the money

S McDonald - Awesome, kids find it light and therefore easy to carry, they are beginners and find it's great to learn how to surf. They can stand up.  it seems durable enough, got leash and fins. Was a good price, very pleased.

Fay - Love Container Door, great product quality & customer service! Will shop again!!! 

D Beecroft - Awesome surfboard. The kids love it. Might have to buy another to stop them fighting for it! 

Jessica - Love these boards, we bought them to learn to surf as a family and have had heaps of fun and lots of giggles along the way.  Would recommend these to anyone, thanks container door!

*Have fun in the water but remember - safety first! The sea can turn on you quicker than a gull filching a hot chip so always be aware of the conditions and the forecast.  For more water safety tips visit

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