Snorkel and fin   red blundle   web

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Product Description

Get the whole family ready for summer! You're not gonna believe the crazy deal we're offering on our snorkel, mask and fin set... how does $39 sound?!! That's right, $39 for a snorkel, mask AND fins!! We've totally lost it!

At these MAD prices you'll be able to deck the whole family out for fun in the sun this summer! Our great quality snorkel and masks are made from nontoxic liquid silicone for maximum comfort and durability with double layered tempered glass for optimum visibility. Adjustable and offered in a range of colours you'll have the whole team looking pretty swish both above and below the water!

The snorkel uses a 'ball valve' device that prevents water from entering the shaft of the snorkel when you dive beneath the waves so you can focus on swimming and not having to spit out mouthfuls of water like you did with old fashioned designs!

The short blade design of our fins provides ample resistance for a powerful kick while the convenient strap makes them a breeze to both put on and take off.

We Kiwis just love the water and what better way to further explore our stunning coastline and lakes than by really getting beneath the waves. Make this coming summer one of the best for you and your family -  for only $39 why wouldn't you?!!


Colours available: 

  • Black – Black/silver snorkel and mask, black fins
  • Red – Red/clear snorkel and mask, black fins
  • Blue – Blue/clear snorkel and mask, black fins

Snorkel and Mask :

  • Materials: Liquid silicone, Polycarbonate
  • Nontoxic liquid silicone, 
  • Double layer tempered glass lenses
  • Adjustable Strap
Fins :

  • Materials: PP+TPR +POM
  • Adjustable
  • Sizes available: 
    • S/M European size 37-41
    • L/XL European size 42-45

How to use your Snorkel, Mask and Fin set:

  • Use for surface snorkelling only. This means floating on top of the water.
  • Use in calm, flat waters only. Do not use in choppy waters or in areas with strong currents.
  • Remove snorkel and return to land immediately if you experience any difficulty in breathing.
  • Non suitable for use by non-swimmers.
  • Find a snorkel buddy - never snorkel alone.

Visit for additional water safety guidelines.

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