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When we took this to our local sparkies for independent assessment and testing, they loved it so much they didn't want to give it back! (Sorry guys!) Our Retractable 15m Power Cable is the tidy and convenient way to get the right amount of extension cord for the task at hand* without leaving loops and tangles all over the ground for others to trip on. And when you've finished, simply retract the cord for safe and convenient storage.

Plug it in inside and use it to power up outdoor accessories, lights, music, electric BBQ's, pool pumps, tools and garden equipment. The auto-retract mechanism means your power source is neatly coiled and snag free for the next time you come to use it. 

And if you don't want to free-range it, our 15m Retractable Power Cable comes with a mounting bracket so you can fix it to a wall. You'll never have to hunt through the undergrowth in a teenager's lair to find your missing extension cord again.

Install indoors, out of direct sunlight. The casing is splash proof but take care if hosing around it. In fact, be very careful using any electrical equipment outside or in damp conditions....


Electricity is not something to monkey around with. Worksafe makes these recommendations when using electric appliances outdoors:

  • Never use any damaged appliances or equipment with damaged leads outdoors. Visually check the cords for any cuts or damage to the cord, and run your hand down its length to feel for cracks or damage. If you find a problem, don’t use the equipment until the cord is professionally repaired or replaced.
  • Never use them in rainy or wet conditions.
  • Always use a residual current device (RCD) or an isolating transformer. These protect you from a fatal electric shock by cutting the current if there is an electrical problem.
  • Keep children and pets a safe distance away when you operate a mower or any other electrical equipment.
  • Wear strong protective footwear when working with electrical appliances or tools outside – do not work in jandals or bare feet.
  • Keep cords and electrical equipment away from any metal that can catch or cut it, for example metal ladders, garage work benches, metal roofs and garden fences.


The electrical cable can heat up if you use it without fully extending it - on those occasions it's best to limit the electrical appliance to under 1000W. For your safety, the power will automatically cut off if the cable temperature reaches 55℃. 


  • NZ Plug. NZ Certified.
  • Material: PP
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Cable Type: H07VV-F 3G1.5mm2
  • Accessories: Bracket & bolts
  • Power: 1000w - 2500w
  • Product Size: 422 x 155 x 288mm
  • Housing size: 29.5 x 16.5 x 33cm

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