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Product Description

Brisket - it's prized by low 'n' slow barbeque aficionados everywhere, as well as making mouth-watering gourmet pot-roasts and casseroles. And there's NO better brisket than grass-fed Wagyu! 

Guaranteed high marble-score rating for the ultimate in juicy mouth-wateringness. (Yes, that's a new word). That's because it has a guaranteed marbling score of 5+ on a 1-to-9 scale sourced from a premium NZ brand shhhhh we can't say who. Most wagyu is sold ungraded, so this really is an astonishing opportunity! 

Whether you're going a BBQ pit-master contemplating 12+ hour slow-cook, complete with blanket and insulated holding box, or you're making a silky gourmet stew for your favourite crew, this brisket will feed your lucky crowd in fine style. 

This deal is for point end brisket (the most highly prized cut)  available in 9 different weights:

3.0kg (minimum) = $69.99 
3.5kg (minimum) = $79.99
4kg (minimum) = $89.99  
4.5kg (minimum) = $99.99
5kg (minimum) = $109.99
5.5kg (minimum)= $119.99
6kg (minimum)= $129.99 
6.5kg (minimum)= $139.99 
7.0kg (minimum)= $149.00 

Flat rate delivery just $7.99 almost anywhere* in the North Island - sorry, no Rural Deliveries.


Product: Premium Wagyu Brisket
Quality cut: Point End Brisket (the best end of the brisket)
Quality Grade: high marble score 5-9 (on a scale of 1-9)
100% NZ Grass-Fed 
Packaging: Each piece is vacuum packed

Use By Date: 20 October 2020 - but it is also suitable for freezing.

*Flat rate North Island delivery includes Waiheke Island but excludes all other islands.

*Actual product may vary slightly from the image shown.

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