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Product Description

YES - this ham is half price or BETTER - the ham gods must be crazy! Especially as this is 9-10kg New Zealand-raised ham, from an SPCA approved farm. 

Here's the deal - these hams are within 14-21 days of their best by date...that's the only catch. They will be delivered to you BEFORE this weekend - guaranteed - so, yes, this is an AUCKLAND ONLY offer) AND the hams are suitable for freezing!

 It's a bargain for those about to party in a group of 10 or less, or have space in their freezer. Sorry for all the CAPS but this is actually pretty exciting! (We do so love our ham.)


  • This deal is for 1 whole Beesknees-brand Champagne* Leg of Ham - 9-10kg
  • Honey cured, manuka-smoked ham - hock left in
  • Fresh with 14 - 21 days left on the Best By date
  • Suitable for freezing for up to 12 months (just make a note of how many days it has left to, erm, run when you freeze it)
  • Sourced from SPCA approved NZ farm.
  • This is an Auckland- only deal - see map for delivery area

*Does not contain actual champagne. Champagne Ham simply means it's a full leg of ham with the bone removed, but the hock is still intact for families to squabble over.

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Minimum Threshold Promise

We know it’s disappointing when a deal does not make it to a full container load so if there’s any way we can combine several orders into one container to make the deal happen, rest assured, we will do it!