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Product Description

A seriously unique and cutting edge form of play for your pet, the Portable Cat Laser Toy creates endless stimulation, fun and play for your feline while looking like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie!

Similar in concept to a laser pointer which we all know cats get obsessed with this portable device can be set for manual or auto activation to project a rotating laser beam onto any surface for your cat's endless amusement as it chases and paws after the uncatchable light.

Charged within just 4 hours with a micro-USB for a run time of up the 12 hours the device runs with two modes/speeds depending on your cats level of activity and is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic plastics so everyone stays safe.


  • Colour: White & Green
  • Material: Eco-friendly ABC
  • Dimensions: L 6.2cm x W 6.2cm x H 13.7cm
  • Product Weight: 185g
  • Certificate: ROHS/ FDA
  • Laser: Europe standard Laser L1 
  • Modes: Slow and Fast, Manual and Automatic
  • Power: USB Charging Port
  • Package Contents: 1 x Laser Toy, 1 x USB Cable
  • Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic plastics
  • Rotating laser beam works on any surface
  • One-touch triggering makes playtime effortless
  • 12 hour working time on a 4 hour charge
  • Charges via micro USB (cord included)
  • Has two preset modes--one for ultra-active kitties and one for the less so
  • Can be set to go off automatically or used manually for more interactive fun

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