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Product Description

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Dinner at home has never looked so good thanks to our AWESOME bench top, ceramic base pizza ovens. You won't brie-lieve how gouda deal it is!

Pizza fresh out of the oven is just the best so why not be able to enjoy that at home?!! The oven heats up in minutes so all that’s left to do is to load up your favourite homemade or store-bought base with all the best ingredients and throw it on the ceramic hotplate. Close the lid and in approximately 5 minutes you’ve got yourself an absolutely mouthwatering feast!

Don’t be fooled by pizza ovens with cheaply produced non-stick bases. Our ovens use ceramic bases that draw the moisture from the pizza base to ensure you get crispy, delicious pizzas each and every time! 

And it reaches an internal temperature of 400 degrees Celsius when cooking - it's not mucking around! A clever viewing window in the lid lets you keep an eye on your pizza's progress so you don't burn dinner.

Easy for beginners and pizza connoisseurs alike. Great for big families, dinners on the go, healthy alternatives to takeaways and quick snacks when friends drop by.

Use traditional pizza bases from the supermarket or explore alternate options like gluten free bases, pita bread, English Muffins, bagels, naans, tortillas and organic wraps - the options just go on and on!

Quick, easy and deliciously fun, the kids will love them and so will your tummies. 


P Shadbolt - Used to use a pizza stone in an oven = undercooked/ overcooked / burnt pizzas. New Container Door Pizza Maker = perfectly cooked base & top, no burnt results. Slide in one pizza while prepping the next one. Knocked out six pizzas in under 20mins to feed a house full of kids and adults. "You can prise my Container Door Pizza Maker from my cold dead hands". Great unit, excellent price. Cheers Container Door!

A White - We (my partner, our 3 boys and myself) absolutely thrash this little gem!  It has barely been in the cupboard since it arrived!  Super easy to use and clean, and just as easy to whip up a great feed in no time for my boys.  P.s I pretty much ordered this product based entirely on the great sales pitch video - cheers Ben! 

J Kelland - Great purchase- in fact I brought 2 of them - and makes the best pizza:-)

E Filho -  The pizza maker is great. You get crispy crust in minutes! The only thing you have to be aware of is its internal height. Too much topping and it'll touch the heating plates and burn.

Graham - 💯🔥 awesome pizza maker. Keep the quality going Ben! Great product at great price. 👍

Paula - Love this, so handy to use on bench top!

B Pittams - Very happy with the appliance, it makes very good pizzas!

L Stericker - I love the window in the lid, no need to lose heat to check cooking progress. The removable stone is a bonus also.

Debbie - This is a great wee appliance. A real hit in our household. Good value for money.

M Everleigh - Pizza maker is perfect for those easy made pizzas at home. No need to buy pizza at a restaurant as they never compare to the ones this pizza maker makes. 

B Solomon - Great pizza maker. 2nd one we have had. 1st is still cranking out the pizzas weekly!

A Gurr - A perfectly cooked pizza in under 7 minutes - what more could you want?  It's easy to use and even easier to clean.  Such a great product.


  • 1200W Pizza Oven
  • 400 deg C cooking temp
  • Viewing window in lid to keep an eye on your pizza
  • Colour: Red
  • Pizza diameter up to 12 inches
  • Multiple temperature settings to suit different types of pizzas
  • Includes pizza paddles for serving
  • FOR BEST RESULTS make sure you pre-heat the machine properly first, or you may suffer a soggy bottom
  • Oh, and NEVER soak the ceramic base in water as it is porous. Read the instructions because all of the care and cleaning details are in there!

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