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Product Description

Were you a legend in your own lunchtime on the primary school padder-tennis court? Relive those glory days - and school up the next generation - with Pickball, the fun sporting craze that originated in the USA and now spreading around the globe faster than Tiktok memes. Our sets includes two paddles and four balls so you'll want to buy 2 sets for a game of doubles. 

Over the past few years Pickleball has been booming in popularity and for good reason too. Coming out of the States Pickleball is a mix of badminton, table-tennis and tennis, is played on a small court and is fun, fast and seriously competitive. 

So, pickle up, party people! Get amongst it and experience the year-round fun that this game has to offer.

(And next, let's bring back Four Square. Being the king of that court was oh so sweet.)


  • Set contains 2 Paddles & 4 Balls
  • Paddle Face Material: Carbon
  • Paddle Core Material: PP Honeycomb
  • Size: L 3.95 x W 2.01 x H1.5cm
  • Weight (per paddle) - 7.5-8.0 OZ (around 0.2kg)

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