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Product Description

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No room for an Olympic sized swimming pool  in the back garden yet the thought of doing laps down at the local YMCA holds little appeal? No problem with this 4-metre  luxury swim spa you can enjoy a tough, high-cardio aquatic workout while floating in the one spot!

The swim-zone  spa features high-powered jets for you to swim against and they're adjustable for a leisurely breaststroke one day and a thrashing freestyle the next. Plus... thanks to the ozone purification system you won't wind up with a mouthful of strong and stinky chemicals so say goodbye to stingy eyes and green hai.r (you blondes know what we mean!)

The interior shell is moulded from high quality American-made Lucite® acrylic that's resistant to weathering and UV light damage, to preserve its good looks. As well as getting rid of the fuss and expense, using ozone makes the water feel softer. *Scroll down for more info on ozone purification

These beautiful beasts are BIG - pace out the 4m - over 13 feet - and see for yourself.

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Features Include:

  • Underwater LED lights - 8 colours
  • Built in Balboa control panel
  • Lockable cover - just provide your own padlock
  • Comes with steps too - no clambering required
  • AS/NZ standard

Colour: Black brush-stroke effect cabinet with Silver interior shell
Dimensions (L x W x H): 428 x 225 x 128 cm
Water Capacity: 5410 litres
Dry Weight: 703 kg
Filled Weight: 6113 kg
Spa Shell Material: Lucite Acrylic
Spa Cabinet Material: PS Wood-Plastic Composite Panels
Cabinet Frame: Stainless Steel Frame
Jet Ring Trim: Stainless steel jets
Bottom: Fiberglass Bottom

Total Jets: 35
13.5” Turbo Surfing Jets: 3
5" Directional Jets : 4
4" Directional Jets : 0
3" Rotational Jets: 0
2" Directional Jets: 21
1" Directional Jets: 6
Ozone Jets: 1

Pump 1(CE, TUV Approved):    One-speed / 3.0HP
Pump 2(CE, TUV Approved):    One-speed / 3.0HP
Pump 3(CE, TUV Approved):    One-speed / 3.0HP
Pump 4(CE, TUV Approved):    One-speed / 3.0HP
Circulation Pump (CE Approved): 1 x 0.5 HP
Heater (CE Approved): 1 x 3.0 kW
Lighting (ETL Approved): 5" multi-coloured LED underwater light (8 colours)
Ozone Water Purification System: Yes
Electrical Requirements: 220-240V/50Hz, 42.0A Max.
Suctions (UL Approved): 4 x 200GPM, 2 x 94GPM

Filter Size: 100 sq.ft.
Swim spa Stainless Steel handrail(pc): Yes
Diverter Valve(pc): 1
Air Control Valves: 5
EVA Spa Pillows: 0
Bottom Drain: 1
Drain Valve: 2 - hose adaptor fitting provided
Control system: Balboa control system( Balboa BP6013G3+TP800 Panel)
Insulation 1: 1cm PU foam
Insulation 2: Bubble foil inside the spa cabinet
Spa Cover: 10-12 cm spa cover included
Spa Step: Included 3 stage long spa step

*CE Approved means it meets European Union safety standards.
*ETL and UL are independent quality-testing companies.


Please check your local by-laws but this spa is fully lockable and therefore may not require fencing. You will need to engage a registered electrician, as it will need electrical hard wiring for installation. Other expert advice may be required depending on your site.


This deal is for pick-up from our Auckland warehouse at Burrett Ave but we are happy to coordinate with you if you wish to send a delivery company. We will use a forklift to get this loaded for you. You will need to think about where the spa will be positioned on your property and how you will manoeuvre it there.


3 year warranty for the Shell and 2 year warranty for Parts & Labour - all through us! Sorry, we take no responsibility for any issues arising from transportation or installation, or improper operation.

*More Information on Ozone:

The ozone is simply generated by an electrical charge and is created automatically when the spa is operational / circulating. The ozone system operates twice a day for two hours at a time.

Ozone itself is made up of three oxygen molecules (O3). It’s found naturally in the atmosphere, and can be created by lightning flashes. When added to water, ozone acts as a powerful disinfectant and oxidising agent and then turns safely back into oxygen gas. It also works to control parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia that resist chlorine.

Water Safety Is Important! Pools can be dangerous. Please supervise children at all times, and always lock the lid of this spa when it is not in use! Visit for safety tips around pools at home.

Warranty and Guarantee

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