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Product Description

The guys and gals at Lodge in the US have been perfecting traditional cast iron skillets for the past 120 years! Just like the cowboys used, these are an absolute must-have in any home, they're super versatile and crazy durable being ideal for any cooking method from stove top to grill to campfire! Oven safe too, you'll be able to sear, sauté, fry, bake, stir fry and grill till the cows come home!

The high heat retention gives an incredible sear on your steaks. And for gorgeous rustic presentation, take your one-pan dish like frittata, potato hash or tarte tartin (upside down apple pie) straight from the oven to table. Just use a heat-proof table mat and tell peeps to keep their hands off!

Choosing to cook with quality cast iron really is a return to the good old days and these high quality products will last generations if you just put in a little care. A well-seasoned cast iron pan can cook notoriously sticky dishes like scrambled eggs with ease. And if someone messes with your precious pan, don't worry - re-seasoning is easy!

Cooking like a cowboy with a little 'hey y'all' and 'yeehaw'? 'Hell yeah' we say!

More About Cooking With Cast Iron:

You know how some pans are great because they distribute heat quickly and evenly? Yeah, cast iron is not like that. If that's what you're after, choose copper. Copper is like a racehorse - super-glamorous, raring to go at high speed and just a teeny bit precious. But you don't always want a racehorse when you're cooking - sometimes you want a big solid cast iron Clydesdale to do a ton of heavy culinary lifting!

Cast iron heats first in the area receiving the direct heat, then radiates out to the edges of the pan. It may not be as fast as other pans, but once the cast iron is hot, it stays hot. And that fantastic iron surface gives an incredible high-heat sear that is simply beyond compare!

So heat your cast iron kinda slowly and gently for a few minutes if you can - don't be in too much of a hurry. Sudden temperature changes stress your cast iron. (So don't plop a hot pot straight into cold water as it may crack.) Cast iron may look indestructible but even tough guys need a bit of TLC! Also, don't drop on your foot, as both items may suffer.

Cleaning and Care:

Let's be honest - cast iron has a reputation for being hard to handle. But it's not as bad as you might think - unless you're trying to bung it in the dishwasher. The dishwasher is definitely not such a good idea.

This skillet comes pre-seasoned with oil to make life a lot easier right from the get-go. That said, it's still a good idea to wipe a thin layer of oil on your cast iron every time before you cook.

After cooking, clean with hot water and a gentle scourer. Deep scouring will remove the seasoning, so isn't recommended.

Purists don't use detergent at all - especially if it's harsh, like dishwasher powder. But - shhh - a few drops of liquid detergent in the dishes water isn't going to do any damage to the baked-on seasoning and it can help remove any lingering food odours from today's Chicken Provençal that might taint tomorrow's wild berry crumble.

Towel-dry thoroughly straight away, though! Letting cast iron sit around wet - or soaking it for extended periods is, quite frankly, asking for trouble.

Once dry, simply wipe with a very light coating of your preferred oil. Then store in a cool, dry place, preferably without the lid to allow air to circulate.

If you notice a metallic taste or see signs of rust, simply scour off the rust, wash the cookware with mild detergent and hot water, dry thoroughly and then wipe with oil as above.

If some heathen should place your beloved cast iron in the dishwasher or somehow mess with the seasoning in another nefarious way, it's easy to restore it. Dr Google has many helpful websites for you to read about this.

The more you use your cast iron, the better it gets and you can cultivate a surface that is almost completely non-stick over time. No wonder it's a much fought-over heirloom in some families.

For more care information and recipe ideas visit: the Lodge US website


Seasoned cast iron non-stick surface
Sturdy, integral ovenproof handles
"Helper-handle" aids portability
Cast iron is fantastic for high-heat cooking, and has excellent heat retention
For best results, allow a few minutes to come up to temperature
Natural healthy cooking
Economical and durable – properly cared for cast iron will last for generations
Suitable for cooking on electric, gas, induction, oven, fire and BBQ grill
Dimensions: 26cm diameter x 5cm depth
Made in the USA

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