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Face mask 10 pack   web1

Product Description

"The Ministry of Health now recommends that all households prepare for a possible further outbreak of COVID-19 by securing non-medical grade face masks for each household member. These could be either reusable (and washable), or single use, disposable face masks." 

 ~ Source: health.govt.nz  7 August, 2020

If you don't have the time or inclination to make your own fabric masks and are looking for the high-grade, 4-layer, disposable KN95 version for your safety supplies, we're here to help!

Instructions for Use 

1) Before touching the mask, make sure your hands are scrupulously clean.

2) Take the mask out of the package and identify the front (outward) side and the reverse (inner side).

3) Press the inner side of the mask to your face. Adjust for comfort and press the metal inserts on both sides of the nose-bridge firmly to create a seal. (If the metal inserts are not at the bridge of your nose, your mask is upside down.)

4) Cover your mouth and the rest of your face with the mask, fitting the loops over your ears. Ensure that the area from the bridge of your nose to your chin is fully enclosed by the mask.

5) If there is are no gaps and no air flowing in or out at the edges, the mask is positioned correctly.


Please use this product correctly and as directed.

This product is only useful to guard against  some particles for respiratory protection.

Even a properly fitted mask does not completely eliminate the risk of illness or death

Don't sleep with a mask on, or wear one if there is limited air circulating, or wear one if you are having difficulty breathing. 

This product is disposable and for one-time use only. It cannot be cleaned or re-used.

Don’t touch the mask or fidget with it throughout the day as you can contaminate it. And if it falls onto the ground, it will no longer be sterile. Be conscious of what you are doing! 


10 x adult-sized KN95 masks
NB.  There are 5 packets in the box - each one contains 2 masks.

At least 95% filtration of  0.3 micron particles

Made with 4 layers of filter cloth. 

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