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Product Description

If you're grappling with a poky kitchen, or simply want more versatility when feeding the grateful hordes, this Convection Microwave is a total winner. You can bake, grill, defrost and reheat, but the real genius is in the combination of functions - meaning you cook potato gratin from scratch (microwave & grill combo) or take a meat pie from stone-cold frozen to piping hot (complete with golden crispy pastry) in one move. That's right: No. More. Soggy. Pies!

With pre-programmed settings, and even 40+ recipes to go with them, you'll be cooking quickly and confidently in no time. From succulent roast dinners to lasagne, pizza, pies and chips to even the most delicate of baking and desserts, an endless array of culinary possibilities are but the push of a button away.

Finished in sexy stainless steel, this is a seriously swanky look for your kitchen; with a drop-down door for easy access and unbelievably an auto-clean function to help eliminate elbow-grease from your cooking situation.

Boasting a massive 33L capacity you'll be firing out a smorgasbord of fabulous feasts for you and your family in one of the most stress-free styles of cooking ever.

Important Information for Safe Usage:

This is a bench-top oven, so it's not designed to be placed in a cabinet. This is quite a large unit - nearly 57cm deep, so please check to ensure you have enough space for it.

Please also ensure that there is at least 30cm open space above it on your bench for ventilation. 

Modes / Functions:

Crisp (crisp defrost and crisp fry!)
Combi - Microwave & Grill
Combi - Microwave & Convection
Auto Clean (yusss!)
Chef Menu - recipes and pre-programmed cooking for 40+ recipes from scratch - including roast meats, fish & seafood, homemade pizza (from a raw dough base!) quiche, soup lasagne - even potato gratin! |
Bakers, there's a whole range of functions called "Bake Assist" for things like rising dough, softening butter, melting butter and more.

Accessories Included:

  • Crisp Plate (with detachable handle)  - yep, bacon cooked in the microwave, but browned! (And we've already mentioned those pies...)
  • Dual Racks - reheat two meals at once. The high rack is for grilling, the low rack is for convection cooking.
  • Dual Level Steamer - steam two different things at once.


  • Wattage:    1650 watts
  • Height:  37.3cm
  • Width: 49cm
  • Depth:    56.2cm
  • Net Weight:    28kg
  • Capacity:    33L
  • Cavity Dimensions:  37.1cm x 39.5 x 22.5 
  • Finish:    Stainless Steel
  • Comes with crisp pan, low rack, high rack, dual steamer
  • Convection:    Yes
  • Clock And Timer:    Yes
  • Turn Table Diameter:    36cm
  • Modes:    Reheat, Defrost, Crisp, Grill
  • Temperature Range:    40° -  200°C
  • Temperature Steps:    5°C
  • Supply Voltage: 240V - 50Hz
  • Keep Warm Warm Plate:    Yes
  • Chef Menu    40+ pre-programmed recipes
  • Auto clean: Yes
  • 2 year warranty

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