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Product Description

Kamado-cooking is one of the most addictive BBQ-styles around,  and we've managed to get our hands on these parallel imported portable Kamado Joe Jr's. Weighing only 30.8kgs, this red little buddy, is perfect for picnics, parties, camping, taking to the beach house, or  if you don't have room for a massive BBQ. With  148.5 square inch (959 square cm) cooking surface this grill has room for all your bbq needs. 

Kamados create the ideal environment for efficiently burning charcoal. The thick-walled ceramic construction creates superior heat retention and ensures food cooks faster and heat is more evenly distributed than with traditional metal BBQ systems. The heat deflector plate allows cooks to experiment with indirect heat for more flexible cooking.

Colours: Blaze Red
Parallel Import
Weight: 30.8kg
Cooking area: 148.5 sq inches (959 square cm)
Cooking surface 13.5" diameter
Dimension (w/stand)s: 
Width: 19.75″ (50cm)
Height: 27″ (68.5cm)
Depth: 20.75″ (52cm)
Heat range: 225F - 750F  (107 - 399 celsius)
Cast Iron Stand
304 Stainless Steel Cooking Grate
Built-in Temp Gauge
Ceramic Heat Deflector
Grill Gripper
Ash Tool

General Kamado Tips:

Kamados are slow to heat up, so allow plenty of time.

When they reach the temperature - yep - the superior heat retention means it just keeps on 'keeping on'.

So... don't overheat it past your desired cooking temp because, you guessed it, it takes a while to cool down!

Use the air-vents to speed or slow the heating process and to maintain temperature. If you're serious about temperature control, we recommend sourcing your own high temp gasket tape. It's less fiddly than it sounds and you'll soon be playing that thing like a maestro. 

Cook with direct heat for searing and trad barbies, or indirect heat for low and slow Texas-style smoking. (Heat Deflector sold separately.)

For safety reasons, don't remove the lid in one sudden movement. Open the top vent then crack the lid open gradually to prevent a wall of flame, heat or smoke leaping out at ya.

We encourage you to join the NZ Barbecue Pitmasters group on Facebook. They are super-knowledgeable and helpful!

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