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John Dory Fillets - 1kg Blast Frozen #2

According to government guidelines as we understand them, this is a Food and Beverage product and therefore is considered an essential item. It will be delivered to your door via contactless courier delivery even during the lockdown period. Our delivery date is a best estimate but please note there may be some delays. This is an evolving situation, so details may change. Thanks for your patience!

**North Island deal only. Sorry, no rural delivery during Level 4 Lockdown. For everywhere else, this is an essential food product that ships straight from the supplier to your front door, minimising exposure. Contact-less delivery. *** John Dory is not only one delicious fish, it also wins the prize for best name. (It's from the French jaune doré, meaning golden yellow.) Individually blast frozen, the John Dory fillets are free-flowing inside 1kg packs, not ice-welded together into a single inconvenient fish-block. It may not be a fish finger, but it's still handy!


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