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Product Description

Top quality snow goggles are an absolute essential on the slopes. REVO ski goggles have been around for over 3 decades and use lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites - these things are space-age as! The polarised dual-layered lenses reduce glare and help keep your face warm - bonus. That's because the dual layer lenses acts like double-glazed windows: the inner lens keeps the warm air around your face, while the outer lens is a barrier against the cold air.

Revo has also nailed the whole polarisation thing too, as polarisation can flatten your depth perception and cause issues with reading digital watches and signs - not what you want while skiing. These goggles incorporate the right level of polarisation for glare reduction while avoiding the less-useful properties, so you'll actually see those bumps and jumps before you reach them.

Our goggles come with a spare yellow lens (plus cleaning pouch) and the slick magnetic changeable lens system means you can switch out the lens if you need while on the slopes or sitting on the chairlift without fumbling around and dropping it in the snow - game changer! 

They're ventilated to reduce fog, and UV400 to protect your eyes. The black strap has an anti-slip silicone component which helps it adhere to your helmet. The frame itself is made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) so is rubber-like giving greater flexibility. This, combined with the double layer foam and black fleece lining gives a snug, comfy fit.

So get out on the piste but remember, even with great visibility you still need to look where you're going! Happy skiing!

Available in Red or Ice Blue - and each comes with the bonus Yellow lens. See other deal for alternate colour.


  • TPU frame: Matter Black
  • Dual layers grey polarised lens
  • Magnetic changeable lens system
  • Anti fog, anti scratch and UV400 protection
  • Triple layers foam with black fleece
  • High density and comfortable
  • Black strap with anti slip silicone 
  • Includes pouch and EVA box
  • Includes bonus lens
  • Size: 17 x 4 x 9cm

    Packed Dimensions: L 21.2cm x W 12.3cm x H 9.8cm
    Packed Weight: 0.5kgs

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