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 greenlea short ribs   web

Product Description

What a deal! Beef short ribs! These export-quality, grass-fed, NZ-grown ribs are sourced from a premium brand - shhhh we can't say who!

Ribs are undoubtedly magical - God apparently used one to create the first woman - woohoo - but these are a miracle of a different kind. Cook them low and slow on a BBQ or in the oven, baste them with any number of classic Asian marinades or BBQ sauces from the American South and prepare for a revelation of biblical proportions. And with all that meat you'll have a few to share - if you're feeling saintly.

This deal is for short rib 5-bone racks ranging from 1.1kg (minimum) to 1.7kg (minimum) but, you can buy them in multiple packs so, stock up so you can save on freight! Flat rate delivery of $7.99 almost anywhere* in NZ. North Island Only.  Sorry, no rural deliveries and no PO Boxes.


Beef Short Ribs (5 bone) 
Each slab is vacuum packed separately
AND you can order multiples so you can save on delivery - just $7.99 flat rate for each pack. 
Export quality , NZ grown
100% grass-fed
Halal certified
Best Before: 11 August 2021

Meatier than their pork counterparts, beef short ribs come from the forequarter after the brisket has been removed. Whether you're a budding chef, a weekend barbecue warrior or a cook who just appreciates great quality and good value cuts of meat, you'll savour this meat that's... it will definitely satisfy the hungry crowds at your place, no turning water into wine required. After all, that's exhausting.

Rack Weights & Prices

1.1kg (minimum) 
1 rack: $25.29
2 racks:
3 racks : $75.86
4 racks: $101.15

1.2kg (minimum) 
1 rack: $27.58
2 racks:
3 racks : $82.76
4 racks: $110.35

1.3kg (minimum) 
1 rack: $29.88
2 racks: $59.77
3 racks : $89.66
4 racks: $119.54

1.4kg (minimum) 
1 rack: $32.18
2 racks:
3 racks : $96.55
4 racks: $128.74

1.5kg (minimum) 
1 rack: $34.48
2 racks$68.97
3 racks : $103.95
4 racks: $143.94

1.6kg (minimum) 
1 rack: $36.78
2 racks: $73.56
3 racks : $110.35
4 racks: $147.13

1.7kg (minimum) 
1 rack: $39.08
2 racks: $78.16
3 racks : $117.25
4 racks: $156.33

2kg (minimum)
1 rack: $45.98

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