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Lamb shanks 2272   web1

Product Description

The ultimate casserole staple also makes a spectacular centrepiece to individual shank pies. And because hind shanks are meatier than the fore-shank, they’re tender enough to serve as individual mini roasts for something different! The hind shank is a super-star in its own right too, as it's tender enough to enjoy as a mini-roast for 1 or 2 people. Massage with tapenade and anchovies, or just  smother it in salt, pepper and fresh rosemary and roast for 45 minutes at 175 degrees C and enjoy the crispy-skinned, roasty-toasty treat. 

This deal is for tender fresh hind shanks, vacuum-packed in pairs, with flat-rate shipping of just $7.99  across the North Island. Sorry no rural deliveries.


1-Pack of (2 Shanks)
Premium central North Island lamb
Hind shanks
Vacuum-packed fresh & uncooked in pairs
Grass fed
Halal certified
Best by: 6 July 2021

 NB:Our stated minimum weights refer to the total pack, which contains two pieces.

Weights & Prices 

Min 0.7kg
2-Pack (4 Shanks)  $25.19
4-Pack (8 Shanks) $50.37

Min 0.75kg
2-Pack (4 Shanks)  $26.99
4-Pack (8 Shanks) $53.97

Min 0.8kg

2-Pack (4 Shanks)  $28.79
4-Pack (8 Shanks) $57.56

Mon 0.85kg

2-Pack (4 Shanks)  $30.59
4-Pack (8 Shanks) $61.17

Mon 0.9kg

2-Pack (4 Shanks)  $32.38
4-Pack (8 Shanks) $64.77

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