Export quality whole sirloin   web


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Export quality whole sirloin   web

Product Description

Please Note: These lamb shanks are dispatched frozen, and will arrive chilled. Ready for you to cook and enjoy, or refrigerate for another day. Please do not re-freeze and eat within 48 hours. 

Ahhh the sirloin - possibly the prince of meats and certainly the unsung hero.

Not as flamboyantly unctuous as the show-boating scotch fillet, yet more flavourful than the effete, understated eye fillet and tenderer than the good ole lip-smackin' beefy rump, the sirloin is that perfect balance of lean, tender and tasty. 

 Sirloin is the middle child. The secret stand-out. The centre bit in the Venn diagram of beef. Those who dare to take a walk on the milder side with this gal/guy next door will be richly rewarded - on the plate. How to cook? Roast it whole, cut it into succulent steaks or even use it for stir fries.

Sizes to choose from:

2.0kg(minimum)  $59.99

2.5kg(minimum)  $59.99

3kg (minimum) $71.97

3.5kg (minimum) $83.96

4kg (minimum) $95.96

4.5kg (minimum) $107.95

5kg (minimum) $119.95

5.5kg (minimum) $131.94

6kg (minimum) $143.94

6.5kg (minimum) $154.93

7kg (minimum) $167.93

Which ever way you slice it, that's an incredible bargain for this amount of export-quality, grass-fed beef!

Just $7.99 flat-rate delivery almost anywhere* in the North Island.

NZ Sirloin in a whole piece.
Dispatched Frozen
Grass Fed
Export Quality
Fat cap included

* Flat rate delivery includes almost anywhere in the North Island, including Waiheke Island but excluding all other islands. No rural addresses or PO Boxes.

*Actual product may vary slightly from the image shown due to variations in trimming etc. 

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