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Product Description

Come and marvel at these and feel the quality for yourself in our Auckland showroom: 10 Burrett Ave, Penrose! Click here for our opening hours. 

With their enviable 1000 thread count, our snowy white Egyptian 100% Cotton Sheets are the epitome of opulence; enveloping you in their sweet, velvety embrace as they lull you into the most luxurious (AND cost-effective!) slumber you've ever experienced! Set includes Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases.

There's so much to consider when it comes to choosing bed linen; comfort is always king but it's also important to understand that durability, weave and fabric also play big roles in how a sheet will feel, wear, last... and what it'll cost!

Egyptian Cotton is considered the best cotton in the world due primarily to the high quality and quantity of the fibres it's made from. Compared to other cottons it is softer, more breathable, more durable and will last longer too. 

If you're not quite sure of all the mumbo-jumbo at play here, 'thread count' refers to the number of threads (both horizontally and vertically) contained in one square inch of a fabric. Generally, the higher the thread count the softer the sheet. Most high quality sheets can range in thread count from between 400 to 800. However, there are many inferior sheets boasting a high thread-count, so it pays to be cautious!

What really sets our sheets apart is the composition of the fabric. Our sheets are made from single pick, long staple  Egyptian Cotton with a sateen finish. 'Single pick' refers to the production technique that gives a much tighter weave and a softer, smoother touch than you'd get from using a 'double pick' method. Cotton naturally occurs in varying lengths; being 'long staple' means that our fabric comes from plants (the  Gossypium Barbadense species to be precise!) that yield cotton with unusually long, strong and silky fibres making it sensational for weaving beautiful quality cotton bed linens that will last. 

With a sateen finish, our weave has more vertical threads than it does horizontal which produces a sheet with a creamy, lustrous finish that looks and feels similar to satin. Unlike percale cotton, our sheets will not feel too crisp or starched against your skin.

We hope you've found this all as thoroughly educational as we have and are now able to more clearly see just how luxuriously splendid our cotton sheets really are, what a crazy good deal you're getting and why you have to have them in your life!


QUEEN SET:     $79

KING SET:         $89


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  • 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets
  • Colour:  Snowy White


  • Double
    • Fitted Sheet: 139 x 205 cm
    • Flat Sheet: 228 x 254 cm 
    • 2 x pillow cases: 48 x 73cm 

  • Queen 
    • Fitted Sheet: 155 x 205 cm 
    • Flat Sheet: 245 x 274 cm 
    • 2 x Pillow cases: 48 x 73cm 

  • King 
    • Fitted Sheet: 170 x 205cm 
    • Flat Sheet: 275 x 270 cm 
    • 2 x Pillow cases: 48 x 73cm 

  • Super King
    • Fitted Sheet: 185 x 205 cm 
    • Flat Sheet: 290 x 265cm
    • 2 x Pillow cases: 48 x 73cm 

Care Instructions: 

  • Please wash before first use
  • Wash in warm water (30deg) with a mild detergent
  • Tumble dry on a low heat
  • Iron on a low heat while still slightly damp

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