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Cuisinart chef's classic hard anodized non stick 17 piece cookware   web1
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Cuisinart Chef's Classic Hard Anodized Non-stick 17 Piece Cookware Set #23

If you’ve been meaning to replace your rumpty old pots and pans since forever but have put it off, today’s the day to upgrade! We’ve parallel-imported this brilliant and utterly comprehensive 17-piece set made by the highly esteemed brand Cuisinart. This assortment, which features durable Quantanium non-stick cooking surface, Cool Grip handles and tempered glass lids will cover almost every culinary eventuality. The aluminium core, sandwiched between the hard anodized exterior and non-stick interior, ensures fast even heating without hotspots, too. Only one question remains - which of your gastronomic gems will you whip up first?


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