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Guaranteed to add a serious amount of wow-factor, our designer-style concrete furniture is the perfect focal point for your ultimate outdoor room.

Create an industrial, warehouse look or juxtapose the striking sharp lines with comfy plump cushions and cosy textural throws for the ultimate toasty retreat. And you can change the style simply by swapping out accent décor - from chic neutrals to festive brights depending on the occasion or your mood du jour.  It’s like a blank canvas for your design flair and a stage for your entertaining triumphs.

Better yet, these beauties will weather, age and may develop minor cracks to look like they've been with you since the dawn of time. This is all part of concrete’s natural, rugged charm. But with just a minimum of easy maintenance (see details below) our stunning range will withstand the outdoor elements and develop an even more beautiful patina over time.

This is NOT cheap lightweight stuff made from a polystyrene core coated with fibre cement, this is the REAL DEAL. Will it need a few burly helpers to get it into position? Yes! Will it blow away in a howling southerly? Most definitely not.

We have a range of other concrete furniture and decor items available so you can mix and match to create a sleek and chic area (see our other deals). But please note that because each concrete piece is made separately, slight colour variations are to be expected. Modular units, such as this 5 Piece Sofa will be colour-matched to the best of our ability!

Made from 5 pieces: 
Middle Concrete Seat x (3 pieces)
Length: 70cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 72cm

Corner Concrete Seat x (2 pieces)
Length: 80cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 72cm
Includes cushions

Total Length of Sofa: 370cm 

Total Packed Weight: 436 kgs
Net Weight: 416kg

Cushions are 100% polyester in Dimple Black. 

We recommend you store your cushions out of the sun and rain 
when not in use to preserve their good looks.

  • Our concrete pieces arrive with a light coating of natural food-safe wax, so spills shouldn’t stain if it is mopped up soon after. However, acidic liquids including wine and coffee can etch through the wax and leave a mark, so it’s better to be quick on the clean-up.
  • Wax twice a year with a natural, food-safe wax to keep protect the concrete surfaces.
  • The sun may fade the surface over time, so leaving place-mats, table-runners etc in position over long periods may cause uneven colourings.
  • Clean with a damp cloth. Don’t use harsh cleaners or abrasive scrubbers. Don’t use a pressure-washer.
  • Don’t leave water pooling on it over winter as it may freeze and create micro-cracks.
  • Dropping items onto the concrete, especially on the edges, will result in chipping and cracking.

Read more detailed care instructions HERE.

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