Bodum chambord 6 cup espresso maker 2435   web1

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Bodum chambord 6 cup espresso maker 2435   web1

Product Description

For a delicious, strong and authentic Italian espresso invest in a Bodum Chambord 6 Cup Espresso Maker. Relish the soothing sounds as your coffee bubbles its way into fruition and the rich and intoxicating caffeinated aromas fill your home each and every morning! Delizioso!

Easy to use:

  • Take out the coffee funnel and fill the lower container with fresh water to the marked line (fresh, soft water is recommended as hard or salty water will negatively impact on the flavour of your brew)
  • Place the coffee funnel back into the water container
  • Using a spoon, fill the coffee funnel with coffee powder (do not compress the powder)
  • Spread the coffee powder evenly and dust away any surplus coffee powder 
  • Put the espresso maker back together again by holding the water container  in one hand and turning the upper vessel clockwise
  • Place the espresso maker onto the stove
  • As soon as the brewing procedure is completed and all the water (now coffee) has risen into the upper vessel remove the unit from the stove top
  • Pour and enjoy!

You wouldn't find an Italian household without at least one well-loved stove-top espresso maker so why not trust the true coffee connoisseurs and enjoy the best from the comfort of your own home?!

A bit about BODUM:

BODUM is a  family-owned business that began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1944. It's a name that is synonymous globally with the iconic and much-loved coffee press but Bodum have grown to be so much more than just about coffee.  Today the Bodum range has expanded to include not just coffee but tea presses as well as other high quality kitchen and household products too. Bodum take environmental sustainability seriously and ensure their business practices are in line with their motto  'make taste, not waste' 


  • Capacity: 350L
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 15.4cm 
    • Height: 23cm
    • Depth: 10.4cm 
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic
  • Suitable for use on ceramic stove tops and electric hobs
  • Not suitable for use on gas hobs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Only use top-quality coffee powder with a medium grind that is recommended specifically for espresso makers
  • WARNING: When hot, only touch the plastic parts of the espresso maker

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