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Product Description

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Low 'n' slow bbq enthusiasts, rejoice. Enjoy a mouthwatering, export-quality Point End Brisket sourced from a premium NZ brand - shhhh we can't say who! This SCOOP DEAL on Frozen NZ Brisket for just $12.99kg! These briskets will be in one, two or three packs and will be dispatched frozen, vacuum-packed, chilled, right to your door via 3 hour courier. So, either leave the brisket out to cook or smoke up a feast. Or transfer them straight to your freezer for later. 

Whether you're a budding chef, a weekend barbecue warrior or a cook who just appreciates great quality and good value cuts of meat, we are proud to present to you straight up,  grass fed, antibiotic-free, beef.  Choose from either minimum ,4.4kg 5.4kg or minimum 6kg:

 4.4kg (minimum)
1-pack of Brisket =   $57.16
2-pack of Brisket =  $114.32

3-pack of Brisket = $171.47

 5.4kg (minimum)
1-pack of Brisket =   $70.15
2-pack of Brisket =  $140.30
3-pack of Brisket = $210.44

6.0kg (minimum)
1-pack of Brisket =   $77.94
2-pack of Brisket =  $155.88

3-pack of Brisket = $233.82

Important, please noteThese delicious boxes are dispatched with frozen meat packed with ice. It will travel via a same-day courier service and be delivered between 6pm-9pm on dispatch day. Customers will receive a text once it leaves our warehouse. Please ensure you are available on the day of dispatch to receive them Meat will need to go straight into the freezer or consumed within 48 hours of defrosting.  


  • 100% grass-fed
  • hormone-free 
  • Frozen and uncooked
  • antibiotic-free 
  • Halal 

All delivered, uncooked, frozen and with ice via a same day courier service for a flat-rate of $12.99 per box. 

* NB. Actual product may vary slightly from the images shown due to variations in trimming etc. Please refer to the text above for what is in the box. 

Warranty and Guarantee

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Minimum Threshold Promise

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