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Product Description

Come and see the 2.94m square one of these at our Auckland showroom: 10 Burrett Ave, Penrose! Click here for our opening hours. 

Add a chic, sharp architectural look to your outdoors with our hardy Aluminium Pergola. The adjustable, hand-cranked louvres are a practical way to let in as much or as little sun as you like, and if the rain starts up you can close the slats completely for shelter. Four seasons in one day? No worries. 

Because at Container Door...the party....must always go on!

The closed louvres are not only waterproof during showers, they can even withstand up to 15cm of snow for those nude alpine BBQs you're so fond of. The centre beam, which sits slightly higher than the others, drains water down through the legs rather than pouring it over the sides, so you won't have to fear any unexpected deluges from on high, either.

With tough aluminium construction, and galvanised fasteners, this is a rust-proof structure that's going to bring you a lot more use of your pool area, garden, balcony or patio no matter what the weather-person is guesstimating. Party on, indeed!


  • Colour:  Dark Charcoal / Graphite
  • Aluminium Frame: 2.94 x 3.94 m
  • Total Height of Pergola including open louvres 238cm
  • 1.4 - 2mm Aluminium
  • Galvanised fittings 
  • Product size: 294 x 394cm
  • Beam size 120 x 45 x 2.0 mm
  • Column: 100 x 100 x 1.6 mm
  • Aluminium sheet: 145 x 23 x 1.4mm
  • Height of column: 230cm
  • Packed in four boxes: 
    • Box 1: 387cm x 28cm x 26cm, GW: 66kg
    • Box 2: 247cm x 24cm x 24cm,   GW 30kg
    • Box 3: 145cm x 36cm x 31cm,  GW 40.5kg
    • Box 4: 145cm x 36cm x 31cm,  GW 40.5kg


Firstly, we do recommend that you have your pergola professionally installed, simply because it is a large beast. However, some keen DIYers are choosing to install it themselves. Please do not attempt this unless you are very experienced with this kind of structure.

It’s important to know that the screws we supply for the base plates (16 galvanised coach screws, 8mm x 75mm) are only suitable for fixing into wooden deck joists and, for your safety (and everyone else’s), you will need to achieve an embedment of at least 70mm.

However, these screws will not be sufficient if you are locating the pergola in an exposed position that experiences wind gusts. These screws
are intended for use in a sheltered domestic back-yard-type situation only.

If you are installing your pergola in an exposed or wind-prone area, or are installing into a non-wooden surface such as concrete or stone, we again recommend getting professional assistance. You will also need to obtain suitable fixtures (not provided).

NB:  For your safety, we do not recommend that you attempt to make alterations to these pergolas, and any adjustments will void your warranty coverage. If you’d like more information about installation, please email support@containerdoor.co.nz to request a copy of the manual and/or technical drawings.

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