45 bottle dual zone wine cooler

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Product Description

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Give your wine the custom-designed real estate it deserves. No more jostling for room with precariously-stacked fridge contents, no more bottle avalanches, no more mystery wine-label stains from the primordial ooze that magically appears on your fridge shelves despite your best efforts.

And, collectors, you need to keep your precious wines at a constant cellaring temperature to minimise deterioration. Bonus, the wine chiller helps guard your prized bottles against accidental enjoyment by visiting (well-meaning) kitchen-fridge-raiding marauders. 

This capacious beauty stores up to 25-30 bottles displayed on the adjustable-height wooden racks. And if you need to chill 45 bottles just take out the racks to make more room. 

The double glazed see-through glass door lets you keep an eye on your darlings while also reducing heat intrusion. Adjustable feet enable you to tweak the unit to a more custom space for a precise fit while the anti-vibration system ensures a silent operation when it's in! (Vibration is also the enemy of cellared wines.)

You can turn the blue interior light on or off at the touch of a button.

And in case you were wondering, here are the recommended wine temperatures for drinking:
Champagne / Dessert Wines:   5º to 7ºC
White Wines:   8º to 12ºC
Red Wines:   12º to 18ºC

If you are cellaring fine, investment wine - red, white or champagne - it should be stored at a constant temperature around 12º-13ºC to minimise deterioration. 

Cheap Tip
If you're faced with some cheap plonk that's borderline undrinkable, simply chill the shizz out of it and the extreme cold will mask many of the off-tastes. Obviously this applies to white wines and rosés. For red wine, greater ingenuity will be called for.


  • 115 L
  • Fits 22-30 bottles (depending on bottle shape) on the wooden racks, or 45 bottles if you remove them
  • Temp range 4°C to 18  ±1-2ºC
  • Coated metal door frame
  • Double-glazed see-through glass door
  • Anti-vibration system, silent operation
  • Adjustable feet for stability
  • Adjustable wooden racks
  • Decibel level: 39
  • Outer Dimensions: 54 (L) x 55 (W) x 84.5 (H) cm
  • Net Weight: 31kg
  • Energy Usage: approx 0.85 kwh/24h
  • NZ MEPS approved
  • Power plug approx 1.2m long
  • We recommend this item should be free-standing, or if positioned under a bench, leave 50mm space around all edges for ventilation.

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