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Product Description

Nothing kills your buzz like putting on still-damp ski-boots or running shoes - urgh. Now you can dry them out with a custom-designed air blower so they're ready for the next day's action. (And if you want to pre-warm your work-boots and woollen socks before hitting the farm paddocks on a nippy winter's morning, you'll get no judgement here!)

Putting on damp footwear is not only unpleasant but it's also not great for you - let alone the mould and mildew that can ruin your pricey footwear. Our nifty dryer circulates warm air steadily and gently at 35-45°C through your booties with a high quality motorised fan to keep your shoosies in tip-tip condition. 

4 ducts will make light work of 2 pairs of your shoes at once, and a timing function (with an overheat/safety cutoff) has options for 1, 2 & 3 hour cycles depending on how wet your footwear is.

The air ducts are designed to cater for both long boots and regular shoes. The ducts even detach making the dryer super-portable and a no-brainer for ski trips. Chuck your ski-boot inners on there after a day of pounding the piste and dry your gloves at the same time. 

And if you're not a snow-hound it's a handy device for ordinary household use, especially if you're a daily runner, a frequent dog walker or have toddlers, teens or spouses who love jumping in puddles. (And yes, also handy for those super-cold mornings on the farm!)


  • Warm drying with a high quality motor fan.
  • 4 Detachable air ducts & unique shoe horn design
  • Compact, easy storage & easy assembling.
  • Especially great for long boots or regular shoes
  • Fuse & overheat safety cutoff
  • Steady temperatures of between 35-45°C  to gently dry your boots
  • LED Indication system
  • Timing function(1/2/3hours), will turn off automatically after time's up
  • Dry 2 pairs of shoes or a pair of shoes and a pair gloves at the same time
  • Packed Dimensions: L 36cm x W 23cm x H 20cm
  • Packed Weight: 1.8kgs

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