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Product Description

Containers from Container Door - who would have thought?  Solve all your storage needs with a shipping container straight from the actual manufacturer and made from A-grade corten steel. Super-useful at your house, factory, business or farm. 

NB. This is technically a "pick-up" deal but we will need to quote the delivery to your place separately as we do not allow pick-ups. 

Because each container ships to NZ 'one-way used' we can't guarantee the exact date it will be available for you to pick-up as that will rely on the person shipping it. So if the availability date isn't mission-critical, you'll be golden!  

You will likely only get about 3 days advance warning of the actual delivery, so please have a suitable area* ready and waiting at your place to take delivery. And, yes, we can deliver almost anywhere** in the country.

Other Things To Note:

Please check with your local authority about whether you need a permit for a container on your property.

*Please ensure you have a suitable delivery location that is easily accessible by a Hi-Ab or Swinglift truck - the drivers are great, but they’re not magicians**. The ground must be firm and solid, and if placing on bare earth or grass, it is a good idea to lay down sleepers, blocks etc to allow air to circulate under the container.

Please email support@containerdoor.co.nz for your delivery quote before placing your order. Or go ahead and place your order and we will quote you the delivery portion when the deal closes - up to you!


  • Colour: Standard BLUE
  • New Build Condition: May have some scratches or scuffs from transit to NZ (ONE WAY USED)
  • Made of A-grade Corten Steel
  • Waterproof
  • Lock Box for added safety (great security feature)
  • Individually lockable doors
  • Hardwood floors
  • Forklift pockets
  • Container is fully certified for sea transport.


  • 2590mm High
  • 6060mm Long
  • 2440mm Wide


  • 2393mm High
  • 5898mm Long
  • 2393mm Wide

Weight: 2200kg

Made in China

Warranty and Guarantee

  • All goods offered by us carry a 1-year warranty.
  • If goods are faulty and not repairable we will either exchange it for you or give you a full refund, whatever you desire.
  • We are a New Zealand company so you are protected by a series of guarantees set out in the Consumer Guarantees Act.
  • Delivery dates displayed above are estimates only. You will be able to track your purchase at all times.

Minimum Threshold Promise

We know it’s disappointing when a deal does not make it to a full container load so if there’s any way we can combine several orders into one container to make the deal happen, rest assured, we will do it!