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Product Description

If you're a keen hiker, or even just a day-dabbler with slightly dickie knees, these things are the business! Not only do they help with your stability, but the arm movements help increase your aerobic activity, turning a low-impact activity into an exercise powerhouse. It's a cheap, easy and convenient way to get up your fitness level whenever you feel like a decent stride in the great outdoors. 

And if you are undergoing physical rehabilitation, are prone to falls or suffer from osteoporosis, a pair of hiking poles can really increase your confidence for those gentle constitutional strolls. 

The poles weigh a mere 225g each, thanks to the strength and lightness of carbon fibre, which is definitely what you want. The strong tungsten tip has an anti-shock mechanism built in to help absorb the impact on wrists and hands too. 

These poles are adjustable from 65cm to 135cm in length, so you'll be able to tailor the size to your height. (A good rule of thumb is to make sure your arms are bent 90 degrees at the elbow when the tips touch the ground.) Simply lock off the pole at the exact height you need. You can even lengthen the poles slightly if you're on a downhill jaunt, or shorten them for an uphill climb. And if you're on a trail with a definite camber, you can make one pole longer than the other to stabilise your centre of gravity. 

So don't just walk - stride, with safety and panache!


Length: 65 - 135cm

Tube Diameter: 16/14/12mm

Tube Material: 100% 3k Carbon Fibre

Grip Material: EVA + Cork + Plastic

Tip Material: Tungsten

Lock System: Aluminium outer lock

Anti-Shock System: Inner

Pole Weight: 225g each

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