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We love it when you brag about your Container Door purchases to friends and family…well, NOW you could be rewarded for it!

After your next purchase, you’ll get the opportunity to offer a friend or family member a special deal 10% off their very first purchase with us.

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When they make that first purchase, YOU will also get 10% off YOUR next purchase! It’s our way of saying a massive thanks for sharing the Container Door love.

It’s a win for them and a win for you. Technically, this is what’s known as a ‘Win-Win’.

Of course, they have to be new customers – not those smart people who are already as fanatical about Container Door as you are.

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Some restrictions do apply. For instance, your discount only applies to the next item (or items) you buy from one deal (eg. 1 kayak, or 2 of the same kayak on a single order from a single deal), not a group order you place across several deals (eg, 2 kayaks, 2 dog-beds). And the discount will be applied to the first deal that closes successfully. So if you want the discount to apply to a specific product you’re buying, don’t place any other orders until that deal has closed. Don’t worry, if a deal doesn’t close successfully, your 10% is still available for you to use next time.

And, sorry, you cannot use your 10% discount on alcohol.

Finally, you can only earn one 10% voucher at a time. But you CAN collect your 10% voucher, redeem it on your next item, and then go scouting for another lucky friend to convert, um, share the Win-Win with.

And if you’re thinking of referring yourself, we applaud your ingenuity, but we CAN see you, so think again!

For full terms and conditions about our referral reward programme, click HERE

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And remember, 10% may not sound like much but our margins are already SO SMALL that we don’t have any wiggle room.

That’s why we are not on sale every week like some, ahem, others.

And if you’re in the market for a kayak or paddle-board, that’s an incredible discount.

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