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Product Description


Low-n-slow BBQ aficionados rejoice - and feast your eyes on our deal for the genuine Oklahoma Joe's Highland Smoker! 

The secret to low and slow American-style BBQ is an off-set heat source and Oklahoma Joes have been a favourite off-set smoker in the USA for over 30 years. The fire is kept contained in the firebox chamber while the heat and smoke are allowed to pass over the food in the main chamber before exiting via a chimney stack at the other end. This style of smoker was first built by hungry oilfield workers in Texas and Oklahoma from surplus oil pipes and 55 gallon steel drums - ingenious. 

These old-school BBQ beasts are engineered from heavy duty high-temperature steel with a large 619 sq. inch primary cooking area (that's 3994 cm2) and feature porcelain-coated cooking grates. Multiple dampers give you total control over your pit as does the convenient fire access door which makes stoking or adding wood easy. Handles and 10" wheels are great for portability while the ash door is really handy when it comes time for clean up.

The built-in 3" temperature gauge, storage shelf underneath for tools and the cool-touch handles round-out the fantastic cooking experience. 

Yep, why not enjoy championship BBQ in your own back yard??

If you want to know more, here's some feedback from happy Container Door customer Gordon B, via Facebook:

Mine arrived on Monday and was easy to assemble, fun in fact. I ran it on charcoal and wood for a day to season it and cooked a feed of pork chops and steaks last night for dinner over some hickory chips and charcoal with a bit of banksia as well. Awesome! My son said it’s quite possibly the best pork chop he’d ever eaten.

I assembled it in the dark too, was pretty excited to get it running, just using the garden lights and the light on my phone. The instructions and procedure were crystal clear and really easy to follow. I only wish I'd actually read them before getting quite a way into it. The holes ALL lined up perfectly, the bolts were a good match for the threads and started easily, most screwed in by hand and just needed tweaking with a tool for the last bit. Tweaking was easy as because each bolt head had a slot and a Philips cross so it didn't matter whether you had a couple of sockets of the right size, or a shifting spanner, or a Philips or a slot head screwdriver you could get it done.

I'm going to the trouble of writing this up because the manufacturers and designers have obviously gone to so much trouble to really get this smoker so easy to assemble then use. I have assembled a lot of "some assembly required" items over far too many years and this smoker is so far ahead of anything, ever. The tip is though, just open the box enough to find the instructions then sit down and read them, you'll be glad you did.

One more thing, when I first saw these promoted I was keen and searched Trademe to see what they might go for otherwise. I was used to seeing smokers like these advertised for about US$1500 upwards in the 'States so was surprised at your price and a lot suspicious of fakes. Sure enough the local price was more than double your offer so I contacted their agency to see if I could get a deal. No chance and they reckoned yours had to be fakes to sell for this money. They said they couldn't even buy them for that. I'm not sure what finally convinced me to give you a shot, probably the price, but now its here there is no way this is fake and if it is, my one here is a better copy than the real thing.

** FLAT RATE HOME DELIVERY OF JUST $75 IN THE SYDNEY AREA and we can quote for other areas - just email support@containerdoor.com.au **


  • Primary Cooking Area: 619 sq. in. (3994 cm2)
  • Heavy duty high-temperature steel - 2mm thick (and thicker around openings - firebox etc)
  • Convenient access door on the firebox makes stoking or adding wood easy
  • Multiple dampers for easy heat and smoke control
  • Quick and easy clean-up with convenient ash door
  • Storage Rack
  • Large 10” steel wheels for mobility
  • Get a firm grip with Cool Touch handles
  • Lid Mounted Temperature Gauge
  • Assembles Dimensions: 145 x 85 x 58.5 CM
  • Net Weight: 178lbs / 81kg


The paint will flake off the firebox the first time you use it. It just will. It does not mean that the smoker is defective, but does mean that Oklahoma Joe factory could use better paint, to be honest. Like any unprotected steel surface that's exposed to the elements, it will be prone to rust unless you touch it up with high-temperature paint. You will probably need to re-paint the entire thing every year or two to keep it in top condition. And you will definitely want to buy a cover for it which we also offer from time to time.

The Oklahoma Joes sometimes arrive with cosmetic scratches and, occasionally, with small dings. These are not caused in transit, so they happen at the factory and there is little we can do about them. If you are going to be bothered by this, it's best not to buy one of these online - buy from a store and open the box to inspect it before purchase. Just sayin'.  Of course, if you buy from us and find that the smoker is not fit for purpose, we will of course refund you and collect it. We want happy customers - we're not here to pull a fast one!

As with almost any smoker, some smoke and heat does leak out of the apertures, which do not close to an air-tight seal naturally. You will need to invest in some high-heat gasket tape to seal these up - it's all part of the interactive fun of tinkering with your smoker to make it your own.  (There are whole websites and BBQ community topics dedicated to the modifications and hacks you can make to your smoker to get the most out of it!)

We encourage you to join Australasian Barbecue Alliance group on Facebook. They are super-knowledgeable and helpful!

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