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Product Description

Filleting fish can make one hell of a mess, so grab one of these beaut portable tables pronto. Comes complete with in-built sink and tap that you can plug a hose into - literally take the kitchen sink with you when you go on holiday!
With cleverly designed drains around the edges, you can prevent spills and keep mess contained to the table and not on your clothes!

This table is an absolute essential for any fishing enthusiast. Being 94.5cm high, the table takes all the back breaking work out of this messy job. No more hunching over. Wash out your filets under the tap straightaway so they’re ready to go straight onto the stove!

The white polyethylene bench top is tough, durable and easily hosed down while the fold-away powder coated grey legs allow you to set-up the table virtually anywhere you choose! Folding down to a compact size, the table is easily transported and comfortably stored away on the boat or any garage or tool shed!

Keep your filleting mess-free wherever you go and get those filets on the table without the stress!


K Forsyth - Hi guys good solid work bench works well saves me filleting inside the house therefore saves my arse and my ears.

V Kelliher - I brought 3 filleting benches. I obviously kept one but gave the other two away to my hardcore fisho neighbours. They use theirs nearly every day and I give mine a thrashing over summer. They are bloody brilliant and my neighbours think I'm a legend for giving them one each.

H Crowther - Got to say how pleased I am with the filleting bench I got from you... I did my research and asked a lot of questions of my mates who have more experience than me! All of them said be careful that type of bench is usually very low (800mm etc) and hurts your back bending over to fillet your catch! Your one is 900mm high and perfect! Nice height! And the bench-top is really good as well, not cheap or a second! Really impressed and I love it! Almost too good to get dirty!!! Have shown it off to both neighbours that fish and they are jealous! If you’re thinking about getting a filleting bench and wanting a fold-away model rather than the sink screwed to the fence, then this is the one! Great height! Great price! Very happy! Thanks for getting a good product and thinking about what makes it good, appreciate it! Now I am about to buy the ice bin you have emailed me about today.! Looks awesome.

J van Vuuren - Thanks for the really good service and even delivering my filleting bench earlier than was expected. The bench exceeded my expectations and is of better quality than a previous bench I had and paid almost double the price for. Excellent quality product very affordable price and brilliant service. Keep up the good work.

Leonie - I ordered and received the filleting bench some time ago now, I ordered it for a completely different purpose to filleting fish though! I am using it in my garden as a potting bench! It's fantastic! My dear husband connected it up to a water supply and secured it against the shed (so it doesn't blow away in the wind). I just love it! It's perfect for doing up all my seedlings, trimming potted plants, cleaning fresh veges from the garden, cleaning garden tools, watering plants and filling buckets and watering cans etc! The possibilities are endless! I love it, thanks heaps!


  • High density polyethylene top
  • Tough, rust resistant stainless steel frame
  • Length 115cm x Width 59cm x Height 94.5cm
  • Metal frame tube size 25x1.0mm
  • Comes with faucet and hose connection
  • Comes with sink and plug
  • Rubber leg ends
  • Part assembly required


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