Beer pong 1.001

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Product Description

With origins firmly rooted in the frat houses of the US, 'Beer Pong' has long been regarded as the ultimate arena in which true athletes can unleash their full talents upon fellow competitors! Are you ready to step up to the plate and show us what you've got?!!

The rules are pretty simple: individual players or teams have to throw ping pong balls and try to land them in cups at the other end of the table which are set up in a triangle formation of 6 to 10 cups. Each player/team takes turns at shooting ping pong balls and if a ball lands in a cup the opposition must consume the contents before the cup is removed from the table. The first player or team to remove all of their opponents cups wins!

Our complete kit comes with the marked-out colour printed top, 4 balls and 22 cups which all sit on the table. As the table folds it's super easy not only to store but also to pack up and take with you to the beach, picnics, around the pool and on holiday!

Time to get the whole team involved. How good is this going to be?!!

Please drink responsibly and remember your dignity. Don't become the unfortunate subject of your friends' viral memes.


  • Colour printed top. 
  • Assembled table size: 240x60x70cm
  • Folded size: 61x61x10cm (table only)
  • Includes starter pack of 4 balls and 22 cups
  • To ensure longevity of this product  please ensure that table is clean and dry when storing, do not leave wet or in the rain etc.  


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