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Product Description

If you're looking for a quality Kamado BBQ Smoker you can't go past this one! It's a sturdy ceramic fire box with 24 inches of pure, uninterrupted grilling space all mounted on top of a stainless steel stand with lockable heavy-duty wheels. Weighing in at a hefty 85kg, you know this sumo sizzler is da bizness.

The Kamado creates the ideal environment for efficiently burning charcoal. Superior heat retention from the ceramic construction ensures food cooks faster and heat is more evenly distributed than with traditional metal BBQ systems. 

4 cooking modes allow you to sear, grill and smoke (even bake!) And you can use it as a pizza oven to get those truly mouth-watering wood-fired flavours. The aluminium alloy top vent gives total control over air flow allowing you to control and set the ideal cooking temperature which you can monitor with the built in thermometer.

Bamboo drop side-shelves are a great addition and handy spot to rest ingredients and utensils before and after cooking but also for that all-important beverage during!

** JUST $139 FLAT RATE DELIVERY IN SYDNEY AREA! ** (They're bloody heavy!)

General Kamado Tips:

Kamados are slow to heat up, so allow plenty of time.

When they reach the temperature - yep - the superior heat retention means it just keeps on 'keeping on'.

So... don't overheat it past your desired cooking temp because, you guessed it, it takes a while to cool down!

Use the air-vents to speed or slow the heating process and to maintain temperature - it's less fiddly than it sounds and you'll soon be playing that thing like a maestro.

Cook with direct heat for searing and trad barbies, or indirect heat for low and slow Texas-style smoking. (Heat Deflector sold separately.)

For safety reasons, don't remove the lid in one sudden movement. Open the top vent then crack the lid open gradually to prevent a wall of flame, heat or smoke leaping out at ya.

Warranty and Other Important Details:

1) Beware: kamado-cooking can be habit forming. Thankfully, your friends and family will be too busy eating to stage an intervention.

2) Crazing is a cosmetic spider-web-style pattern caused by the glaze and clay ceramic expanding at different rates in the heat. Don't worry, it's not a defect - in fact, all kamados have this. 

3) The ceramic body is covered by an extended 6 year warranty but normal wear and tear, cosmetic scratches, chips, and dings are excluded. However, remember that we will always try to help you out if you have a problem. But if you run out of meat or brewskis thanks to the well-known "Kamado Popularity Effect", you will be on your own. 


  • Colour - Black
  • 24" - XL size
  • Aluminium alloy top vent
  • 201 Stainless Steel legs and trim
  • 2 stainless-steel cooking grids
  • cast iron charcoal plate
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Bamboo drop-down shelves
  • On wheels
  • Outer Ceramic Body diameter 24 inches / 61cm
  • 804 sq in / 2042cm2
  • Inner Ceramic Body diameter 20" / 51cm
  • Gross weight 100kg, net weight 85kg


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