Good News, Sydney!

Container Door has saved New Zealanders more than $29 million over the past 3 years – and now it’s your turn!

We can offer incredible bargains on all sorts of great stuff because our way of doing business is different.


Instead of buying products to stock like an ordinary retailer, we hunt out the cool stuff we would love to buy, we find out which factories in the world are the best at making it. (And if you tell us what you’re looking for, we can hunt for that too!)

We negotiate a deal with the best manufacturers then we list the deals on our website and take your orders.

If enough people order to fill a container-load, a deal goes ahead.

We group all the orders together and place them with the factory. Everything is produced and shipped to Sydney at the same time, then we deliver it to your place.

Yes, it takes a little time but that’s the secret of how we unlock wholesale factory-direct prices for you.

It’s like you’re buying from one of our hand-picked factories yourself, except that we take all the hassle out of it: shipping, import paperwork, GST, customer support – we do it all. AND if you have a problem with your product, we’ll sort it out ourselves.

Shop the world’s best manufacturers dealing only with one company – us! We guarantee our products and we’re easy to get hold of.

See for yourself how much you can save on the things you want simply by pre-ordering and …waiting a bit!


  • 3398+

    Deals Shipped

  • 96k+

    Registered Users

  • 276+

    Connected Suppliers

  • 29.2M+

    Dollars Saved

  • Finding World Class Factories

  • Quality Checks and Testing

  • Meeting High Minimum Order Quantities

  • Shipping and Logistics

  • Customs and Taxes

  • Delivery

In case you’re wondering:

Our Elsewhere Up To price is based on similar items sold – you guessed it – elsewhere that are of comparable quality and specifications, including materials and manufacturing process.

When we genuinely cannot find a similar product for an accurate price comparison we rely on the Recommended Retail Price, as provided by the manufacturer, for our Elsewhere Price.

“Dollars Saved” is calculated by taking the difference between Our Price and the Elsewhere Price for each item, multiplied by the number of that item we’ve sold.

We always encourage you to do your own comparison shopping to make sure you're happy with the purchase price. Please feel free to ask us any questions about our products or elsewhere prices as we are keen to help!