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Oct 28 2017

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Product Description

An awesome way to light the way! Our 200 Lumens solar garden motion lights use the sun's rays to charge during the day then light up when triggered by people passing by. An awesome way to light up your garden path, front door, letterbox, shed, workshop when needed that looks superb, is functional and adds safety to your home for yourself and visitors!

Easy 'screw-in' installation allows you to place the unit almost anywhere with absolute ease. Once charged, the sensor is triggered when a person passes within 2 metres of the detection perimeter which activates a pure white bright light that lasts for 30 seconds. Once the person leaves the 2 metre perimeter the light will switch into dim mode with a soft, warm light.

Install one by the front door and no longer have to fumble with your keys in the dark or run multiple down the garden path to add some helpful and welcome ambience for guests when they visit not to mention a great deterrent for potential burglars!

There's such a long list of uses for these great little units we know already you're just gonna love 'em!!


LED 3pcs, 200 lumens white lighting
Li-ion battery 2000 mAh 3.7 V
Solar Panel 0.5W
Install height 2.5-3 meters
Waterproof IP 65
Solar charging time 20 hours by bright sunlight

Lighting time Over 3 nights
Material PC
Size 127*114.5*55mm
Work temperature -25℃ to 65℃

Lighting Mode Dim mode at warm lighting (10 lumens)+ PIR Then 100% brightness at pure white lighting (30 seconds)
Application: Public Square/ Plaza/Courtyard/Garden/ Park/Street/Roadway/pathway/Parking Lot/Private
road/Sidewalk/Campus/Airfield/Farm & Ranch/Perimeter Security/ Wildlife area/Military Base

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